Growth by science

Unlock full potential with our marketing science and experiment platform. Drive incrementality with the lift-adjusted attribution calibrated for your brand.


Our methodology


Calibrate attribution models with lift tests

By refining attribution models with incrementality insights, we ensure your marketing decisions are grounded in real-world impact.


Drive incremental growth with lift-adjusted attribution model

Our platform integrates incrementality learnings into your daily campaign optimization, whether your goal is to adjust budget or improve revenue/ROAS targets.

Our solution

Geo incrementality testing
Geo incrementality testing

Why WorkMagic

Our unified approach addresses all your measurement requirements and provides accurate data for your decision-making and reporting.

We have done this before

We are PhDs, data scientists, and growth experts who have developed solutions for FAANG and large international brands. We built WorkMagic to share our methodologies and automate the backend work for your success!


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