Unlock the power of AI for e-commerce growth

WorkMagic is an AI-powered autonomous marketing platform that helps e-commerce business owners generate studio-quality product images, tailored marketing copy, and optimized marketing campaigns in one single platform.


Create your AI-generated product images on demand

Say goodbye to budget constraints and organizational issues with photographers and venues. Our AI Image Generator gives you control, with custom images, backgrounds, and models—all on demand. The best part? You can do it by yourself, in 2 clicks.


Easily generate social media, emails, blog posts, and more

Being present on all social media platforms at the same time requires time, energy and a team of people. Engage your customers more easily with the WorkMagic AI Copy Generator.

  • RSocial Calendar
  • RSocial Media Post
  • REmail & SMS
  • RBlog


Automate marketing tasks

Automate all your tasks related to social media campaign management: from writing content and attaching images, to scheduling, publishing and tracking results. WorkMagic makes it easy for e-commerce businesses to create and manage their marketing campaigns – all in one platform.


Track performance with accuracy

Monitor performance results from various data sources, and use data-driven insights to grow your business. See the results of your marketing efforts instantly.

  • Key Features
  • RStore insights
  • RAutomated lift test
  • RMulti sales channel attribution
  • RData-driven attribution model


Your smart assistant for marketing

WorkMagic Marketing Copilot assists ecommerce business owners with anything they need regarding marketing their products, from advising to performing tasks. Let our internal AI marketing assistant help you grow your business by integrating our tools with expert advice

  • RQ&A Agent
  • RAnalytics Agent
  • RContent agent
  • RCampaign agent
  • RPerformance agent

Bring your product to reality

Using 3D technology, we create detailed models of products, enabling us to visualize and refine their designs with precision. These models are then utilized to produce engaging and informative videos that showcase the product’s features and functionality.

Before & After

Our customers decrease their costs and grow their e-commerce businesses

The features you have are really time-saving for my business. I like the convenience of generating content for social media posts and the social calendar is well organized. The images you generate are particularly valuable to boost my business, which I can use for email campaigns as well.

Bria Burton

Business Owner

Since using WorkMagic, they have replaced my need to use stock photos entirely. I used to spend upwards of $1,000 a month on creatives and photoshoots. Now I have reduced my cost to $400 a month after using WorkMagic. The platform is very user friendly and I am able to accomplish my goals very quickly. Even though my input into WorkMagic is minimal, the output I receive is remarkable.

Lauren G

Business Owner

Using WorkMagic has saved me a lot of money on creatives! I have been very satisfied with the menswear lifestyle images I have been generating and am looking forward to their future improvements. The image quality, generative iteration, and photo-realism is some of the best in the industry. Using WorkMagic has improved my user engagement and shaped the image branding style that I want to set for my store.
Sacha Saberi

Founder & CEO, Armario

My team and I are now able to use the funds usually reserved for product photo shoots toward special occasion shoots, such as holiday and seasonal marketing campaigns. This allows us more time for planning instead of worrying about time management and budget restrictions.

Tiffany Tate

Business Owner, Avery Radiance

Why e-commerce owners love WorkMagic


One single platform for managing copy, images and content calendar with ease

Cost Efficient

No need for a full time marketing or creative specialist


No organization issues regarding photo shootings

High ROI

Improved ROI and social media presence

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