I’m Frank, CEO of WorkMagic and former Head of Growth at TikTok Ads.

I started WorkMagic with the goal of helping ecommerce owners achieve the outcome that they all want: increasing their profits. The next step we’re taking in this journey is releasing our Analytics and Attribution product to Beta.

With this product we’re focused on a few areas

Removing any guesswork or manual efforts to analyze true profitability down to a granular level.

Making it easy to know which variables are driving success, so you can double down on them.

Giving you confidence, understanding, and trust that your data is correct.

The best part is we’re building this specifically based on what our customers tell us they need. So if we’re not currently solving what you think is the greatest problem hurting your profitability, just tell us and we’ll go solve that problem for you.

We’re looking for our founding customers.

Those who will tell us about their challenges, give us feedback on our product, and allow us to build a solution tailored to their needs. If you are interested in joining our free Beta program, schedule a call with me and we’ll discuss the challenges you are facing and how we can help.