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Bring your product to reality with our 3D video service

Revolutionize your marketing approach with our expert 3D modelling and video generation service. Watch your products transform from simple concepts to captivating 3D masterpieces. Ready to captivate your audience and boost your business? Join our waitlist today!

Before & after

Revolutionize your marketing strategy with our state-of-the-art 3D modelling and video generation service. Witness your products transform from simple concepts to captivating 3D masterpieces, ready to captivate your audience and boost your business.

Our process

Transform your vision into stunning reality with our cutting-edge 3D video generation process. Watch as your concepts come to life through our seamless blend of advanced modelling, rendering, and animation techniques, ensuring an immersive visual experience that captivates your audience.

3D video plan

Set up 3D Product

  • 3D product set up
  • 10 free 3D images/month with subcription
  • 1 free 3D preview clip
Modeling fee not included

$29 per product

3D Video Clip

  • Chose ideal theme
  • 3D product rendering video
  • One camera render
  • 4s ~ 8s

$29 per clip

3D Product Video

  • Combination of clips
  • 3+ clips, 12s ~ 60s
  • Plus Basic/Standard/Premium

$$ per video

3D Creative Video

  • Unique Creative video solution
  • Full service, from idea to final render

    $$$$ per creative

    Faster, cheaper, effortless excellence

    While traditional production takes at least a week, we can craft a mesmerizing 3D rendering video for you in just a single day.

    What's in your 3D Product Video

    Your first clip may be covered from your 3D product setup, we will charge additional clips based on inquiries.

    • 3D Product Set up = $29
    • 4 Clips x $29 per clip = $116
    • Premium Edits = $59

    Estimated Total: $204

    $29-$129 one time 3D modeling fee not included

    Price varies depending on the specific inquiry, please contact us for more info

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    How do I make a video to sell my ecommerce products?

    First, define your objectives and target audience. Next, plan your video script and storyboard. A well-structured script will communicate your message clearly, while a storyboard will outline the visual sequence of your video. Consider using a mix of product shots, lifestyle images, and customer testimonials to showcase your products effectively.
    Once you have a plan in place, it's time to shoot and edit your video. Pay attention to lighting, sound quality, and framing to ensure a polished final product. Finally, leverage video editing software to refine your footage, add text, captions, and music, and create a seamless flow. Or try out WorkMagic’s 3D product video creator, share your vision, and get a professional 3D video of your product.


    How can I create product videos with AI?

    With WorkMagic’s 3D product video creator, all you need to do is send the 3D model or multiple images of your product and tell your vision, and we will provide a video demo!


    How long should product videos be?

    Product videos should be up to 2 minutes max, to ensure you are getting the viewers full attention. With our rendering and animation techniques, the 3D product video creator is all you need.


    Can I create good product demo videos with AI?

    Yes, with sufficient input, WorkMagic uses AI to create high-quality, engaging 3D product videos for your marketing purposes.