From science to marketing magic

At WorkMagic, we believe every company deserves the strategic advantage of marketing science and experiments to make informed, impactful marketing decisions.

Who We Are

WorkMagic was founded by a global team of e-commerce entrepreneurs and measurement experts from leading tech giants like Google, Meta, and TikTok.


Our CEO, Frank Yang, former Head of Growth at TikTok, experienced the challenges businesses face when trying to identify the real ROI of their marketing spend and optimize campaign strategies, even with access to data from various sources.


He also recognized that hiring data experts, manually uploading data, or building tracking dashboards can be expensive and time-consuming.


Our Mission

Our mission is to democratize access to advanced attribution models and data-driven strategies, making these powerful tools available to marketing leaders across brands. With a successful methodology developed by our expert team, we aim to help businesses drive incremental growth using the power of data and science.

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