About us

Who we are

WorkMagic is the work of a global team of e-commerce entrepreneurs and growth experts. Our CEO, Frank Yang, previous Head of Growth at TikTok, saw that many marketers have their analytics data from different sources, yet struggle to draw concrete conclusions about their real ROI on marketing spends and campaign strategies. Either the data is too subjective and without proper actionable insights, or it is scattered around multiple platforms. Meanwhile, hiring a data expert, manually uploading data or building a tracking dashboard could be expensive and time-consuming.

With all this in mind, we wanted to make a breakthrough in omnichannel marketing and develop an intuitive, accurate, and efficient platform. With AI and the expertise our team gained by helping companies generate billions of incremental revenue, we created WorkMagic. Now, business owners, marketers, and agencies can know where each penny for their ads and campaigns goes to, and make better investments.

WorkMagic provides a centralized dashboard where you can effortlessly analyze and optimize your ads and marketing campaigns across all your connected platforms, from Shopify to Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook, Klaviyo, and more. We’ve got you covered with our precise attribution models and data-driven insights, so you can make smarter investments while scaling your business.

Our vision

WorkMagic’s mission/vision is to provide an all-in-one marketing intelligence platform that gives all ecommerce businesses the autonomy, automation, and insights they need to unlock incremental growth.

About the team

WorkMagic is a team of data scientists, growth hackers, marketers and engineers who have experience with digging into data to find connections and opportunities, automating reporting, and helping e-commerce brands grow billions of revenue, while working at companies like Google, Meta, and TikTok.

We believe that each brand should have its own attribution model that precisely tracks marketing spending and evaluates real-time performance, so we made WorkMagic available to all of you – whether you’re a business owner, marketer, media buyer, or agency.