About us

Who we are

WorkMagic is the effort of a global team of e-commerce entrepreneurs and digital experts. Our CEO, Frank Yang, previous Head of Growth at TikTok, realized that creative and marketing services aren’t always accessible to small businesses. With limited resources, small businesses can’t take professional photos, present them on their communication channels, or track, and grow their business.


Powered by AI, WorkMagic puts powerful marketing tools – from campaign optimization to social media copy and studio-quality image generation – into the hands of business owners with streamlined experience.


Our goal is for WorkMagic to become your one-person marketing department that can do everything from design, photography editing, layout, and content generation on one single platform. Our team of designers and developers created an intuitive and easy to navigate platform, with multiple features that will help you market your products.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide an accessible, AI-powered marketing platform that gives ecommerce businesses the autonomy and automation they need to grow faster and with less stress. Ecommerce business owners have limited time, budget, and energy for building their social media presence, and WorkMagic is the only helping hand they need.