How to Create Product Images for Your E-commerce Store

Oct 24, 2023 | How to

Trying to escape the hassle and expense of producing professional product images?
With an AI image generator, you’ll have unlimited ways to make your product images stand out; created in a matter of seconds.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to use an AI image generator to create attention-grabbing product photos for your e-commerce business.

How to Edit Your Product Image Background with AI

There are two AI features you can use with WorkMagic to create your product photos faster and more cost-efficiently:

  1. Product background swap
  2. Text-to-image.
WorkMagic's product background swap to remove and change the image background

STEP 1: Upload a photo of your product

Start by uploading a simple product photo. The AI will automatically detect your product and remove the background. You can also adjust the product’s position if needed.

STEP 2: Choose your background

You can choose from a selection of backgrounds available or:

  • Upload a reference image for better guidance.
  • Write a prompt: Describe the background you want, like “a sunny day in a meadow.”

STEP 3: Generate and further edit your product image

Click “Generate” and see your product seamlessly blend into the new background.
Further edit the positioning, angles, sizes, background colors, and text, or swap out the background image as necessary.

How to Create Product Photos with the Text-To-Image AI Tool

WorkMagic's AI Image Generator Text-to-Image feature to generate product images from text

STEP 1: Envision the concept

Start by brainstorming your concept. Think about the kind of image you want (real or illustration), what you want to include, and any other important details.

STEP 2: Describe your vision

Enter the description on the AI Image Generator and click the “Generate” button.

STEP 3: Create and refine

You can try rephrasing the description using different words or phrases for more options if the four different AI-generated images photos don’t match your concept or if it doesn’t feel quite right.

How to Get Clothing Photography with AI

To create custom photos for apparel products. fashion brands could benefit from the following AI features:
  1. Flat lay to person
  2. Mannequin to person
  3. Face and background swap

These features will be able to generate apparel product images on models of varying sizes, ages, and genders, and transform flat-lay or mannequin shots into visuals featuring models. Customers can easily visualize the style and fit without e-commerce business owners requiring a model, photographers, and booking studios.

WorkMagic AI Image Generator features to take clothing and apparel photography

STEP 1: Upload a photo of your product

Upload a picture of the clothes (flatlay or on a mannequin). The AI will automatically detect apparel and remove the background and/or the mannequin.

STEP 2: Choose the preferred model and background

Choose from a selection of AI-generated models representing different sizes, ages, and genders, to match the target market and branding strategy.

Select the background to match the apparel being showcased.

STEP 3: Generate and further edit your product image

The selected model will be dressed in the apparel, in the selected setting/background. Easily switch between models to showcase the same clothes on different types of looks.

Once you’re satisfied with the final result, download your new images and put them to use on your e-commerce platform or social media channels.

We’d love for you to give it a try with our free AI image and copy generator for 7 days and share your feedback with us.
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