Invite friends & get monthly bonuses

If you can’t get enough of WorkMagic and have been telling all your friends about us, we’d like to show some of our appreciation to you. 

So now, for each friend who signs up and completes a free trial, you’ll receive one free extra month of WorkMagic, for the subscription you are on!

And that’s not all. Your friend will also receive 50% off their first month’s subscription.

The more eligible friends, who complete trials, the more free months you’ll get towards your subscription. Start sharing today!



How it works

Step 1

Invite your friend

From your account page, invite a friend to WorkMagic using a personalized share link or via email invite.

Step 2

Friend finishes trial

Once your friend signs up using one of your links, you'll both automatically be eligible for the referral program.

Step 3

Get rewards

You'll automatically receive a free month for each friend who completes their trial. Your friend also gets 50% off their first month!

Referral FAQs


Do I have to be a customer to refer a friend?

Yes, you must be an active customer, ie have a paid active subscription, in order to participate in our referral program.


Which friends are eligible for referral rewards?

Friends are eligible if they have not signed up with WorkMagic previously.


When do my friends get their signup discount?

Your friend will see their discount during the signup process.


Do these rewards expire?

Currently, there is no expiration date to the referral program's subscription rewards and discounts. However, rewards found to be associated with fraudulent referrals are subject to review and eligibility changes.


When will I receive my rewards?

When your friend completes their trial, you'll automatically receive your reward in your account, and an email to confirm the reward!
We're also working behing the scenes to bring you a dashboard to summarize your rewards too. Stay tuned!