Marketing science
and experiment platform

We measure incrementality, build lift-adjusted attribution models, and customize for your eCommerce brand

Geo Incrementality Testing

Every brand needs to understand the actual impact of its marketing spend. WorkMagic helps you configure regional holdout tests, revealing the true lift of each marketing channel. Optimize your ROAS and make cost-effective investment confidently, even without in-house data science expertise.


Incrementality-adjusted Attribution

Monitor your marketing performance with our unique data-driven, incrementality-based attribution models. Our comprehensive cross-channel dashboards provide marketing leaders and operators with complete control over their marketing data and leverage it to refine the strategy.


Net Profit Analysis

With all your costs (COGS, shipping costs, and ad expense) synced and calculated, you can now monitor your Net Profit by channel and advertisement. Easily identify your highest and lowest performing ads to enhance profitability and confidently scale your marketing investments.


Spillover Analysis

Measure the impact of cross-channel effects accurately. When you are testing new channels like TikTok videos, spillover analysis helps you recognize the real influence instead of just looking at the conversions on TikTok platform, such as the influence of TikTok campaigns on website organic search.

Spillover Analysis

MMM & Media Planner

Optimize your media mix and campaign budgets based on incremental profit on ad spend. You get more beyond a measurement solution but a path to success.

Spillover Analysis

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