Marketing Automation

Automate Scheduling and Publishing in One Platform

Create, oversee, and release all your marketing campaigns on one intuitive campaign automation platform. You don’t need to be a marketing wizard, optimize your campaigns with our AI-powered recommendations.

One Platform

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest posts, or TikTok, take your pick and let our automation do the rest. You can schedule and publish all your posts and paid ads cross-channel, and they will go live exactly when you want them to.

marketing automation campaigns

AI Generated Content

Craft compelling copy, use viral hashtags, and design eye-catching images, for your social media campaign, all within our platform. Use our AI-generated creatives or your own resources to tell your story and run experiments.

Optimize Your Campaign

Optimize your campaigns for the best ROI with recommended audience targeting, creative generation and budget allocation. Follow our data-driven strategies to make the most out of your marketing efforts.

Marketing Automation - Optimize your campaign

Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to do before connecting my social accounts to WorkMagic?

To connect your Instagram profile, complete the steps below before connecting with WorkMagic:
  • Convert your Instagram profile into a professional account (instructions link)
  • Attach your Facebook Page to your Instagram Professional Profile (instructions link)
  • Become the admin of your Facebook Page
To connect your Facebook Page, complete the steps below before connecting with WorkMagic:
  • Created a Facebook Page
  • Become the admin of your Facebook Page


How many social accounts can I connect with WorkMagic?

You can connect one account for each social media.


After connecting my social account, can I change or disconnect the account?

Yes, you can change or disconnect your social media account. To do that, click on your name in your WorkMagic dashboard, go to "Your account," and the " Account and Billing section." Below is the "Integrations" section with all your social media accounts. You can choose "Change" or "Disconnect" for each social media account and Shopify. After changing or disconnecting the account, all your previous campaigns and performance data won't be displayed on WorkMagic.


What social post types are supported on WorkMagic?

  • Instagram: post and story
  • Facebook Page: post


What types of AIGC creatives can I use in my social posts?

Images. You can use AI-generated images from your existing library or generate new ones within the WorkMagic platform with our AI Image Generator feature.
Copy. You can use AI-generated copy with the same channel template from your existing copy library, or generate new copy within the WorkMagic platform with our Copy Generator feature.


How does WorkMagic's social media post tracking work?

When you connect your social media and build your campaign, you can track the following metrics with WorkMagic:

Show how many times your content was displayed to the target audience.
Shows the number of actions your target audience took as a response to your post, such as likes and comments.
Measures the number of people who clicked on the link or CTA from your post.
Page Views
Shows the total number of people that have viewed your page
Measures the number of successful orders prompted by the campaign
Shows the number of viewers that turned into customers
To track these rates, you need to connect your social media in the "account and billing section." To accurately track how many conversions are generated by your social media posts in a social campaign, WorkMagic will automatically shorten the landing page link you provide and transform it into a UTM tracking link. This will enable us to effectively attribute conversions to your social campaign and obtain clear data insights.


What type of posts can WorkMagic track?

Facebook Page:
    • We support adding landing page link to Facebook Page posts. Both engagement and conversion metrics are available for Facebook Page posts without any limitation.
    • Post: We support adding landing page links to Instagram posts. However, due to Instagram limitations, users can't click the link directly from the post. Instead, they need to copy and paste the link in their browser to visit the link. Therefore, both engagement and conversion metrics are available for Instagram posts, but the conversion data may be under-estimated
    • Story: Since we do not support adding landing page link to Instagram story, we can only track engagement metrics.


Why wasn't my scheduled post published?

There could be different reasons for failed publishing, including, but not limited to:
  • Invalid account connection – Try reconnecting your social media account
  • Exceeded monthly quota of publishing in your subscription plan – Upgrade your subscription plan
  • Reached the daily publishing limit of social platforms – Try publishing the post tomorrow
  • Instagram/Facebook account is inactive or restricted – Create a new account, or remove restrictions.
We will display detailed reasons in the error message on our platform, where you can choose to edit or reschedule the post.


How is campaign quota deducted from my subscription plan?

Social post scheduling and publishing is available in all WorkMagic subscription plans, but with different quotas. Publishing quota is deducted by Work Magic upon successful post-publishing. Scheduling, saving drafts or posting errors will not deduct your quota.


What is meant by marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the process of using tools that optimize various marketing activities, such as email marketing, social media management, lead generation, customer segmentation, and campaign management. By using marketing automation, ecommerce businesses can automate repetitive tasks, personalize customer experiences, and analyze data to make data-driven decisions. You can easily do that with WorkMagic!


Is WorkMagic’s marketing automation feature free?

Social post scheduling and publishing are available in both the free and the Standard plan. In the free plan you have 2 campaign automations, and with the Standard , plan there are no limits.
Publishing quota is deducted by Work Magic upon successful post-publishing. Scheduling, saving drafts or posting errors will not deduct your quota.


What kind of social accounts can I connect with WorkMagic?

Currently, you can connect your Instagram Professional Profile and Facebook. TikTok and Pinterest are coming soon.

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