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How clean skincare brand Avery Radiance recaptured its visual identity while saving big

The challenge

Avery Radiance‘s existing site photography didn’t capture how owner Tiffany Tate wanted the product and brand to show up. But it wasn’t easy to update because:

  • Photoshoots required an average $1.5k, not including travel and location fees
  • Extensive photo editing requires additional fees
  • Her team’s time–for planning, coordination & creative direction–was a necessity
  • Quality often left something to be desired

Therefore, it was always a wavering priority amidst everything else that needed to be done.

avery radiance before
Avery Radiance after using AI image generator from WorkMagic

The solution

Avery Radiance used WorkMagic’s product background swap feature, with a background template, to create new photos that captured the luxury & elegance they had been longing for. Within minutes, there were website-ready images, all unique to Avery Radiance, that were ready use.

The results

After adding WorkMagic to their toolkit, Avery Radiance sees: An estimated +$10k in annual savings in photography expenses, +25 team hours saved, annually, from photography planning & coordination


in annual photography savings

+25 hours

in total team time savings

Additionally, it’s also enabling the Avery Radiance team the ability to now: Plan seasonal campaigns, now that photography is no longer a barrier. Create a more unified brand narrative, through more visually cohesive imagery across all digital touchpoints

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