Case Study: How WorkMagic Reduced Seven Hours of Post-Photoshoot Work For Get Dressed Collective

Nov 6, 2023 | Company News

Get Dressed Collective is a Southern California brand of women’s clothing on a mission to create stylish and comfortable apparel. Since the ecommerce store relies on visual appearance to drive sales, Barbara, as the owner of Get Dresses Collective, organized monthly photoshoots to showcase the brand’s clothes. 

Coordinating traditional photoshoots required significant time and effort — booking a venue, organizing a photographer and models, editing the images, etc. Barbara concluded that she and her small team spend at least seven hours each month on photoshoots and post-production work.

That’s when she started looking for more efficient solutions – and found WorkMagic.
get dressed collective image generated with workmagic

Get Dressed Collective marketing challenges and pain points


Barbara and her team need to spend around seven to eight hours every month organizing the photoshoots, preparing the event, and coordinating the photographs and models.


The team also spends time on post-production work to polish the photos in programs such as Photoshop.

An alternative solution for Get Dressed Collective would need to save her time on these repetitive tasks, and allow her to focus on growth.



Even though the final photos looked good, traditional photoshoots were not cost-effective, requiring substantial time and monetary investment, resulting in only about 60 photos for roughly 20 styles. Barbara felt the ROI was about $10 per photo, with a total cost ranging from $700 to $900 monthly.


An alternative solution would need to be more cost-efficient, so Baraba could allocate resources elsewhere.



Barbara was very excited to try AI technology to streamline the process of delivering high-quality visuals for her customers. She looked up“ AI models” and gave WorkMagic’s free trial a try.


WorkMagic saved Get Dressed Collective hours of photoshoots and post-production time with the latest AI Image Generator Feature. With this feature, ecommerce brands can swap backgrounds and faces on existing photos, turn a mannequin into a person or create a new image from their description.


get dressed collective workmagic dashboard

Results with WorkMagic

1. Barbara uploaded the brand’s clothes in the product catalog.


2. She used the face and background swap to generate various photos from her existing photoshoots in minutes.


get dressed collective using the face and bacground swap feature
Now Get Dressed Collective’s website looks like this, eliminating the need to organize monthly photoshoots and multiple post-production tools. 


get dressed collective before and after images with work magic


Barbara used the face & background swap to diversify her existing product images. She once had only one photo of a model wearing a piece of clothing; now she has multiple photos with different models and backgrounds.


With the new feature, Flatlay to person (coming soon), Barbara can easily replace long and tedious photoshoots with a simple AI-powered tool – WorkMagic. For her next clothing line, Get Dressed Collective can easily upload perfect product images.


If you are an ecommerce brand that wants to automatize its marketing start your free plan today