Case Study: How WorkMagic Saved $10K Annual Savings for Avery Radiance

Nov 6, 2023 | Company News

Avery Radiance is a skincare brand specializing in creating beauty products for people with eczema. Founded by Tiffany, who personally experienced the challenges of finding effective skincare for her condition, the company’s mission is to provide quality products that help customers maintain healthy skin.

Despite having an internal marketing team, Avery Radiance invested a lot of time and money in their marketing efforts.


results of averyradience using workmagic

Avery Radiance marketing challenges and painpoints

Avery Radiance’s marketing strategy focused on leveraging organic channels to attract prospects and convert them through email. The team used automation, A/B testing, and prioritized channels such as email, SMS, Pinterest, and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.


Limited budget

Avery Radiance struggled with limited financial resources, particularly in covering high photography costs. Costly quarterly photoshoots and additional editing expenses strained their budget.



Managing marketing efforts consumed 30% of the team’s time. Plus, using multiple tools for marketing collateral management proved to be a hassle.



Using WorkMagic’s all-in-one AI marketing platform that will help Avery Radiance generate professional images in minutes. With our AI Image tool, Avery Radience uploaded their skincare products and chose the background style from our library, or they’ve customized the scene by uploading a reference image or describing their ideal setting using the text-to-image AI tool.


averyradience workmagic dashboard

Results with WorkMagic:

1. Tiffany uploaded their products and descriptions to the Product catalog:


uploading products and descriptions into the product catalog
2. She chose the background swap transformation model, and browsed through our background templates or designed her own with the text-to-image generator:


the background swap transformation model
3. Finally, Tiffany generated dozens of high-quality, professional images for all of Avery Radiance’s products:


avery radience generating new images with workmagic
With WorkMagic Image Generator, Avery Radiance got website-ready images unique to their brand:
Now their website looks like this:


avery radience before and after images with work magic
Cost Savings

The ability to create marketing assets in-house with WorkMagic led to $10k in annual savings in photography expenses


Time efficiency

With WorkMagic, the team streamlined their marketing collateral creation process, saving 25 team hours annually on photography planning and coordination


Simplified Workflow

WorkMagic eliminated the need to use multiple tools and made asset management more efficient.



By using WorkMagic, Avery Radiance successfully addressed its challenges related to budget constraints, time-intensive marketing, and marketing collateral management. They achieved significant cost savings and improved efficiency in their marketing operations, allowing the team to focus more on revenue generation and growth.

They planned to use approximately 35% of the generated assets, with the potential to increase usage as they grew more comfortable with the platform.