Case Study:How WorkMagic Has Helped Take Care Wellness with Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Nov 15, 2023 | Company News

Genese Jamilah is the owner of a wellness ecommerce brand called “Take Care Wellness”.

Genese Jamilah is the owner of a wellness ecommerce brand called “Take Care Wellness”. She struggled with chronic insomnia and finally found a pillow spray that would help her sleep better – she decided to share her solution with the world.

As a solopreneur of an ecommerce brand, she was exploring AI to produce holiday photos and market her products. She wanted to find an easy-to-use tool to transform her minimalistic product images into vibrant holiday ones.

Genese tried WorkMagic’s free trial, tested our AI Image Generator and created several images for her website. Let’s see how WorkMagic helped Take Care Wellness prepare her holiday marketing campaign with a few clicks – amazing!

takecarewelness before and after workmagic

Marketing challenges

Genese wanted to prepare her products for upcoming holidays without the additional costs of photographers and shooting. She had her minimalistic product images and, as a solopreneur, wanted to create holiday sets on her own.


takecarewelness marketing campaigns

Solutions - AI Image Generator

Genese loved WorkMagic’s image generation feature, and she used “background swap” the most. She uploaded her product images, highlighted them, and used our “seasonal” backgrounds to make interesting Thanksgiving and New Year promotions.

AI Image generator for holiday campaigns
She also tried the “home” backgrounds to create new product images that fit the brand’s overall minimalistic and cozy vibe.


AI generated images for minimalistic and cozy vibe

Since she wanted additional backgrounds, she reached out to WorkMagic’s customer support team for help, and we were happy to design some additional images – now available to standard and premium users

AI Generated Image for TakeCareWelness website

Holiday Marketing Campaign with WorkMagic:

With the newly generated AI images Genese now has professional pictures on her Amazon storefront and product pages, as well as her website:

takecarewelness on amazon with workmagic AI Generated images
takecarewelness on amazon

She used WorkMagic images for her TikTok videos:


Genese says WorkMagic has helped her prepare for the upcoming Holiday season with ease “I love WorkMagic, and the support team is super helpful”.

From a free trial to a paid user, Genese’s road was as smooth as generating dozens of new product images with WorkMagic. Now, her product pages have multiple images that demonstrate her brand’s style.

Try out WorkMagic and polish your images and ecommerce marketing strategy for the Holiday season and Black Friday.