Case Study: How WorkMagic Has Helped With Black Friday Marketing for ARMARIO

Nov 17, 2023 | How to

Sacha Saberi, is the owner of ARMARIO, an e-commerce luxury menswear and lifestyle retail store that invites men to experience a world where luxury is a holistic journey and not just a wardrobe choice.

Upon launching Armario’s website and Shopify store, Sacha expressed dissatisfaction with the available photo options and structure on dropshipping and Shopify platforms.

He wanted more flexibility, creativity, and a distinct voice in his content.

To combat these challenges and create high-quality images and content, Sacha tried WorkMagic, an all-in-one marketing platform for ecommerce brands. As Black Friday approached, Sacha leveraged WorkMagic to build his online presence and prepare for the upcoming sales period.

Let’s see how WorkMagic helped ARMARIO prepare for Black Friday sales efficiently and smoothly.

ARMARIO ecommerce shop display with WorkMagic AI

Marketing challenges

Sacha and his team wanted to replace the basic vendor product photos they were using with more creative, realistic and eye-catching images. The platforms he was using required a lot of time, effort and additional tools, so he started looking for a low-effort, low-time commitment, and an easy way to generate images to replace vendor product photos and to maintain the store’s voice and style.



Sacha found WorkMagic’s image generation feature particularly beneficial – He leveraged the platform to replace vendor product photos, maintaining his retail store’s style and voice while incorporating lifestyle imagery into his website.

He created images quickly and easily by typing descriptions related to menswear and lifestyle. While generating images, he found about 1-2 out of 4 website-ready, reducing the need for extensive edits.

Sacha’s conclusion: WorkMagic’s image quality is superior to other image generators I’ve tested.

before and after using WorkMagic's AI Image Generator


Sacha’s team also used WorkMagic’s copy generation tool to create blog posts and guides, finding the results satisfactory for their intended use.

They used WorkMagic’s AI Copy Generator to write this blog post.

Black Friday Preparation with WorkMagic:

ARMARIO planned a website launch just before Black Friday, offering a 20% discount on the first order. During the sales week, Sacha and his team intended to offer a 20% discount on all orders.

To prepare, Sacha generated new images he used for his content calendar and ads to ensure a successful sales period.

Sacha noticed increased engagement and positive responses to the AI-generated images, including more follow-backs from ads and increased likes on their posts.

He previously utilized meta analytics and ads manager for insights and metrics to measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, but will try WorkMagic’s Analytics and Attribution feature for more precise data.


ARMARIO black friday promotion

Sacha found WorkMagic easy to use, efficient, and invaluable in saving costs while improving the quality and creativity of their marketing campaigns. From a free trial to a paid user, Sacha’s road was as smooth as his content strategy with WorkMagic.

As the Black Friday sales approached, WorkMagic played a pivotal role in enabling ARMARIO to create engaging, visually appealing content and adequately prepare for the anticipated sales period.

Try out WorkMagic and polish your ecommerce marketing strategy for Black Friday and Black November.